Happiest I have been all day

  1. Today I got my wisdom teeth pulled (2 from the right) and I am miserable. My face hurts, I hate that stupid gauze, I'm STARVING!!!!!!!, and I'm just so annoyed that this had to be done.
    But when I woke up from my drug induced sleep, I checked my emails and a lovely new bag is now in transit to my house from Let-trade :yahoo:

    BUT.....like me she is beaten and battered and needs lots of love and nursing back to her old self.

    She cost $50!! and its a petite monogram bucket bag. The outside is not so horribe but the lining is trashed. I will take her to LV to get a shiney new one.

    Girls please tell me...does the outside look that bad and if so what can I do to make it better?

    ps...I know some of you will be excited to get a LV for $50 free shipping and some of you will think the bag is totally gross and not worth it, but when I saw it it looked so sad, she needs someone who will take better care of her and...it was $50!!


  2. I think you have a good project on your hands. I've seen women carrying petite buckets that look WAY worse than that one I think it's great you're investing the time and getting it re-lined. Good luck and so sorry about your wisdom teeth. I didn't get mine pulled until I was 33. It's never any fun. Hope you feel better soon!
  3. Sounds like you're going to give that well-loved bag another life. How much will it cost to replace the lining?
    Good luck with the teeth - the misery shouldn't last much longer.
  4. Thanks guys, the whole teeth thing just sucks because I NEVER miss a meal and now I have to eat mashed potatoes for a week!!

    The lining should cost about $100
  5. Use a leather conditioner cleaner. RUB AND RUB AND RUB. Let dry then do again. That will clean up the leather. I have used APPLE with the best results. Are you sure that the lining will only cost $100?? Did they tell you that at the store or are you guessing? It seems to cheap. Keep us posted.
  6. I did kinda guess by reading old threads about replacing the lining, some girls had it done as cheap as $72, but no one had it under $120
  7. I feel your pain with the wisdom teeth, I had to have emergency surgury, make sure you take some pain meds, hehe. As for the bag, it will be a fun project, get the lining done and clean the leather. Good luck.
  8. i love your bag, it has that vintagey look

    hope you feel better soon...mashed potatoes? ick! why not yogurt, pudding, tira misu (which is a fabulous Italian dessert like a caramel custard) :p
  9. Good luck with your new bag!
    i'm sure she will look as good as new :yes:
    I hope you feel better soon!
  10. I forgot to say, please post pics after she's refurbished.
  11. what a deal even if it needs a little tlc! good luck on the refurb and please show us pics! i always love before and after pics. check out all the cleaning threads to get ideas on what's safe to use. :biggrin:
  12. that bag was SO loved !! Glad it has a new home with you......feel better soon.
  13. She is a beautiful bag.
  14. You are so kind! Don't worry...$50 is a GREAT deal. I'd get it too.
  15. $50 is pretty good! If you don't mind the condition then it's definitely worth it! :biggrin: Personally I would take it in to LV to see if they could get the lining replaced at least, and I'd clean the vachetta myself.

    Those reasons are exactly why I don't want to get my wisdom teeth pulled out!! the two on the top are almost all grown out and the bottom ones are half grown out and they don't hurt at all and have enough room...I know I should get them pulled out but I'm scared!!