Hanover owners - advice please

  1. Calling all you Hanover owners. I'm sorely tempted by Hanover. I love the shape, the size, the way it sits on my shoulder and the closure but I'm worried about the durability of the antiqued leather.
    I'd probably go for it in chocolate although I also love the oak. Before I decide whether to try to snap one up in the Jan sale, can any of you who already have this bag give me some advice please? Is it a nightmare to avoid scratches or is it more hardwearing than expected??
  2. best advice?? Er,get one and tell me what you think? har har!!!! Oh I dunno,I'm going to get really stuck on this one I can feel it.........................
  3. Actually,is there two sizes of Hanover?
  4. Technically no. There's the Hanover and then the smaller version is the Havana. If you have a look at my Shepton thread, there's a pic of the two of them sitting on a shelf. The Havana is really small.
  5. D'y know I'm wondering if its the Havana that I like then,see post 4 on celebrities thread,thats the one I fell for that Eva Longoria is carrying......... I wonder if I confused it with the Hanover??
  6. No - I think she is carrying the hanover- it's quite big!
  7. I just had a quick skim back,and checked Sarajanes pics against Eva's bag and your absolutely spot on,but I'm not against the Havana actually,a lot of my bags are quite big as Sophies been around,so her needs have influenced my choices. I am beginning to think the Havana may be an option for me instead,but for me,and not with any other influences if that makes any sense!!:tup: (cheaper too!)

  8. ah ha......that's the reason why one looked smaller than the other....I thought it was a case of the "bag slumpies". So - the Havana....is this an older style?
  9. I dunno,they both have same stitching style etc,but I am leaning towards the Havanna, although the Hanover would look great as a loose easy style summer bag.Would the bigger one make more of a luxuriant 'boho' statement? Or would the little one look neater? Oh,God just when I thought I had it all sussed................................
  10. I have it in silver goatskin and love it. Picked it up at the NYC sample sale in August and I get compliments aplenty every time I wear it. It seems sturdy enough to me. Go for it!
  11. They came out at the same time. Chaz, the Havana is really tiddly! I'm 5ft 2in and when I picked it up it felt like a child's bag. You've tiny arms so it would probably go in the crook but it's really only a hand held. You'll def have to see it IRL before deciding.

  12. Thanks restricter. I think the goatskin ones are fine as it's a much tougher leather. The one I like is antiqued leather which is really prone to marking unfortunately. Interesting that not many people here seem to own Hanover.

  13. sounds absolutely gorgeous.....pleeze post pics....would love to "drool" over this beauty!
  14. Definately the Hanover then,a small bag is really not going to be that useful to me,plus I think the bigger one would get a nicer slouchy look for the summer. Sorted!!!
  15. Hi, I have the Hanover in magenta which is tumbled grain. It can look quite slumpy. When storing I always pad it out fully so that it retains it's shape. I love this bag!!!Nice shape, size and just looks classy!!