Hannah's HERE! Come see how pretty (and chameleon-like) Kooba's Pewter color is!!!

  1. Well, after a few weeks of anticipation, my new Pewter Hannah is here!!!

    I must admit, Kooba's "Pewter" is a very tough color to photograph and describe. It's definitely NOT what you see on most of the websites. In bright light or with flash, its sheen is a silvery metallic tone. In most lighting though, it's a deeper bronze, which is very reminiscent of Metallic Army. It is simply a beautiful color... and so versatile. It can easily be worn with either black or brown.

    This is my first Kooba with the new canvas lining, and while I love the ultrasuede, the canvas is so much better. Nice work, Kooba! :tup:

    The size is perfect. It's not a small clutch by any means, but it's not gigantic either. Perfect for your essentials. In true Kooba tradition, there is a zipper pocket and a couple of small cell/mp3 player pockets on the inside. The handle is detachable as well, but I think it looks better with it on...

    The leather is very soft (not silver Lucy soft, but pretty soft), and the color looks perfect with the brushed gold hardware. I wasn't sure about this one when I first opened the box, but it's really growing on me and now I can't wait to take it out on the town. So... what do you think???





    Hannah No Flash 2.jpg Hannah No Flash.jpg Hannah Outside.jpg Hannah with Flash.jpg Hannah No Flash Detail.jpg
  2. Here are a couple of modeling pics to give you an idea of the size...

    (excuse the dirty mirror, I'm lazy tonight... :upsidedown:)


    Hannah Model.jpg Hannah Model 2.jpg
  3. KoobaLover, you do a great photographic job - your Hannah looks stunning. The size looks far more practical than regular clutches and it's definitely one of the better Kooba Fall bags. Congrats!
  4. ^Thanks Mini! I wish you could see it IRL... it's a neat little bag! :wlae:
  5. Oh My! That is so so pretty, absolutely gorgeous! You guys will have fun together:party:
  6. Love it! :heart: It is the perfect size!!
  7. Steph...it's lovely. I saw it at Nordstroms and it was stunning and a great size compared to most clutch type bags. Enjoy!
  8. Lexie, it's lovely! I love how the color seems to change with the light. You look great holding her!

    Can you post some pics of this fabulous new canvas lining? I haven't seen it in person yet. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Artiksun...It's not my bag. I just saw it at Nordstroms. That's Steph's bag (KoobaLover)...unless she wants to give it to me....:p
  10. oh WOW! it is just stunning! I LOVE the color and the size- kooba did a GREAT job with this one! Enjoy!:drool::yahoo:
  11. Haha oops! KoobaLover, please excuse the mix up, but any pics of the lining?? :graucho:
  12. Gorgeous bag! Great size too.
  13. Love the bag and the color! Congrats on the beautiful clutch.
  14. Thanks ladies!

    Unfortunately, this little beauty will NOT become a charitable donation to Lexie's Closet 'O Bags... Regardless of what she says, I don't think there's any more room in there... :roflmfao:

    artiksun, I'll see what I can do about posting pics of the lining. I may not have time tonight, but I'll try... ;)
  15. That's a great size and a really pretty color. Good choice!