Hanna Andersson sales ?

  1. I am a huge fans of Hanna Andersson, do you know if they will have a HUGE SALES in December ? Is anyone have a coupon for their website ? Thanks, everyone.
  2. Yes, their huge sale is mid December and they also have another huge sale in June. They are having a 20% off sale until tonight on merchandise over $150 and Holiday outfits/pjs etc are 30%. Some of their fall and winter clothing is 50% off.
  3. I love their clothing for my 2 girls, such great colors and quality, they really last.
  4. Sign up for e-mail updates and catalogs, I was sent a 20% off coupon that I just used this week.
    When you go to your nearest store, ask them to add you to their computer, store customers get better notifications and sales info that catalog only customers don't get. The stores have more sales, more often than the catalog.
    I just bought this dress and some coordinating polka dot boot cut pants:

  5. Thank your, girls. I received their catalog and there are some moccasins, slippers, boots and long johns that I would like to get for my toddler son and a matching Long Johns for myself too. I really really love their products.

    Swankymama, your girl will def look beautiful in that cute dress, I love it !!

    tkc, thanks for the sales info.

    citychris, I know that they really have a good quality clothing.
  6. there's a few women's items I am eyeballing. . . some is sort of plain, but there's some great staples and great boots!