Hanky Panky Thong?

  1. Have tried thongs and found them seriously uncomfortable. Remember reading that the lace thong made by Hanky Panky is more comfortable than other thongs. Any one have any experience with Hanky Panky or any other thong that they like?
  2. Hanky panky thongs are VERY comfy.....I used to ahte thongs and NOW thats all I wear...eek..too much info...LOL!
  3. I wore thongs, but they were always uncomfortable since I've only tried them once or twice. I've heard though that the thinner the strip in the back, the more comfortable it will be. Also, I think if the strip has lace on it, that it wouldn't be very comfortable since it'll probably itch/scratch.
  4. :P I know. Too much info, but your so cute. I've never tried them, maybe I go get a pair.
  5. Hanky Pankys are all I wear, they're incredibly comfortable and won't give you VPL. If you're interested in getting a pair, ebay seller "dealsondesigners" sells them well under retail (she orders them sans packaging which allows her to sell them more cheaply). I've ordered from her before and her products are legit and she ships super quickly. I'm not in any way affiliated with her, I've just been a satisfied customer!
  7. I love Cosabella thongs, they're very comfy. Now, I might hav to try Hanky Panky ones :biggrin:
  8. New Victoria Secret angels they are most comfy and so soft!
  9. Hmmm...hanky panky...lol...growing up my dad sometime say No hanky panky when I went out with friends.

    Where can you get that brand?
  10. I love Cosabella too! I also have some by On Gossimer and Burberry that are pretty comfy.
  11. I :heart: La Perla, but I think im gonna have to try Hanky Panky.:biggrin:
  12. OMG! Hanky Panky thongs are the best!!

    Once I discovered them I threw out all my old thongs (kept a few for emergency) and bought like 10 colours. I got the bigger cut though cause I have a big bum :graucho:

    They are super comfy, you dont feel like you have something up your bum and still no pantie lines. I won't wear anything else now.
  13. I wear these as well. They come in low-rise and a regular-rise so if you are going to order, make sure you get the right ones.

    I haven't tried them but I have heard commandos are good too.
  14. Just keep in mind ladies...thongs tend to encourage infections...be careful...

    (sorry to spoil the fun...just spreading the word...luckily, I have no personal experience with this...)