Hanky Panky in Canada

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  1. I just discovered Hanky Panky not long ago and I've gone crazy buying quiet a few.
    I noticed so far that Holt Renfrew sell them for only $22.00 each. I was at a boutique last weekend and they charged a dollar more.

    Does anyone know where they might be sold for less? Are there any reliable web-sites to order from?
  2. They look like regular panties to me, are they worth the $22? Thanks for your input
  3. ^ pisdapisda, hanky panky thongs are SOO comfy!! you MUST try them if you get a chance!! they dont feel like thongs at all, they feel just like regular panties! definitely worth the money!
  4. its $18 in the US and I think Neiman Marcus' website carries them. and they now ship to Canada!
    I always get mines from Nordstrom Rack. they sell it for $8.97!
  5. Thank you! The $60.00 3 thong set is a deal...I think they are sold for $70.00 at Holt Renfrew. Individual ones are the same price. In fact, today I bought five more!

    I really love them. They are comfortable and very sexy.
  6. no problem! :smile: