Hangtags Missing - Rude Customer Service at Jax


Jan 11, 2010
WOOOOWWWW!!!! im very sorry. i dont understand why it is so hard for them to replace a damn hangtag either. i asked for one for a very expensive bag and they sent me the ugliest rubber looking black tag lmao. i refuse to call it real coach. im embarrassed for the company to even have sent that to me. i feel that if they can go remake bags and such for outlet versions they can do that with hang tags.... remake them. it sure would be nice
This happened to me, too. I had a black legacy that I wanted a replacement hangtag for, and the one I got from JAX was just ugly. It was very flat, hardly embossed, almost fake-looking (in all honesty). I don't know what to do with it. Now, it just sits in my jewelry box. I'm afraid that if I tried to sell it on eBay that someone would accuse me of trying to sell a knock-off item...
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Je m'aime
Dec 26, 2008
lol learned frm my mom..she always make sure to take down time and date too

and she always check her receipt before leaving, etc etc lol

Yep, once you have their name they know all the BS on their part is stopping right now.
Wow, sorry op but that really stinks, they stole from you basically!


Aug 12, 2009
Sorry to hear about the missing medallion!!! and the crappy Customer Service!!! I hope Coach will do a better job for you and fin the medallion for your Legacy bag!!!

Good Luck!!!

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Sep 20, 2008
Fort Bragg, NC
I think it is the shoulder bag #10328 - and yes I will definately do that in the future - I guess my other tags were not necessary. She even told me that they put it on the inventory sheet that the bag has/does not have tags and the sheet stated no tags - I told her that was impossible which means the outlet must have removed - because they were drowling over my bag when I brought it in for repair but of course the outlet will never admit but not to worry it won't happen again.


Sep 20, 2008
Fort Bragg, NC
Okay - just wanted to give you an update and a somewhat happy ending to my hangtags.

I received in the mail yesterday an envelope that looked like it had gone through the ringer and when I opened it had the round legacy medallion to go with my purse. No leather hangtag - that is fine I got what I wanted most and I will definately call them and let them know that the medallion was received. It took almost a month but I got part of my loss.