hangtags faling off?

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  1. Anyone had the hangtags come loose/fall off? I have a few coach items and all the hangtag chains seem super secure, as though the ends of the clasp securing the chain are pinched shut using pliers.

    I just won an ebay auction where the seller said the brass and leather hangtags wouldn't stay on. She wouldn't include them with the bag either. Said she threw them away. Anything sound amiss? I received the item already - a gathered black sophia - and it looks great. The hangtag thing is just bugging me slightly.

    Related question - could I get replacement hangtags from a coach store if I bought the bag from ebay?
  2. You just have to call Coach and they will send you replacement hangtags. I think they will probably want the style number or something just so they can give you a hangtag that matches.
  3. Call the 1-800 number for Coach customer service which can be found at coach.com. They will send a replacement tag for free.
  4. Mine always fall off so the first thing I do is remove them. I could care less about the hang tag but everyone is right if you call they will replace them.
  5. I have gotten free replacement hangtags from Coach customer service, but it usually takes a month or longer for them to arrive (I'm not complaining, they are free and authentic!) But a friend of mine lost her hangtag and she went to the boutique store, they were able to replace it for her immediately at no charge.
  6. Thanks everyone! So I have to call, or is email an option?
  7. Yes, Coach replaces hang tags, but be prepared to wait...and wait...and wait. I requested a replacement on 8/6/11 and I am still waiting on it. I had been told to expect it within 2 weeks. Not quite accurate. Every time I email them to check on status, I am told to wait 2 more weeks. But, yeah, it's free so I guess I can't complain.
  8. I usually call the toll-free number but I am sure that you can also email them
  9. I've lost a few. You have to check periodically that they are on tightly.
  10. The replacement handtags from Coach customer service that get mailed to you are metal, not the original ones specific to the bag. If you want the original hand tag to the bag then it would be better if you called your SA to see if they can assist you.
  11. You can go to the coach site and email them requesting hangtags. Include style number and silver or brass hardware.
  12. Once you do get your hangtag(s), be sure to take some pliers and make sure the clasp is squeezed together tightly on both ends. If you do that, you won't have to worry as much about them falling off. When I get a new bag, the first thing I do when I get home is tighten that clasp on the chain that holds the hangtag(s).
  13. I would definitely just try to stop in to your nearest store. They keep small bins of extras for these occasions so that you don't have to wait forever for a replacement. I forget which ones are on your bag originally, but black and brass are both staples in the extra parts box.