Hangtags, Brass Lozenges and the Flippiness Thereof

  1. Ok...before I go any further with this thread, let me just admit right here and now that yes, I'm being utterly neurotic.

    I have a THING about keeping the hangtag facing up. I hate it when it flips over to the blank side, and I actually check the tag on whatever bag I'm carrying pretty often and fix it when it does so that the "Coach" side is facing up. But on my bags that have the brass lozenge in front of the hangtag, I notice that the weight of the lozenge pretty much constantly keeps the tag flipped upside down. It's a stupid little thing, but it absolutely drives me up a wall.

    I'm not really sure anything can be done about this short of taking the lozenge off the hangtag, which would be completely sacreligious. I guess I'm just wondering if it bugs anyone else the way it does me!
  2. I feel your pain, but have no solutions. :shrugs: With my open bags the hangtags often jump INTO the bag; equally disturbing. :huh:
  3. Kind of. It's not a huge deal to me, but I've noticed that on bags like my large vachetta ergo tote and my new Gigi, I have to clasp my two charms on the same hangtag chain, so the charms and hangtag end up somehow turning around so they're inside the bag. That bugs me a lot.
  4. yeah, mine flip up into the bag sometimes too. I won't lose sleep over it, but it is a little annoying.
  5. I check my tag often too as I absolutely HATE when it flips over. I always think that if anyone sees me doing that, they will think I'm a totally shallow person who wants everyone to know I'm carrying a Coach bag (not that the big C's wouldn't give it away anyhow!).
    It completely drives me nuts when they flip over and I have no idea how my charm and tag flips INTO my tote bag sometimes either. It's not like I'm swinging the bag so hard they flip around! :nuts:
  6. Yep, I'm equally neurotic! LOL! It's not so much that I care if the Coach side is up or the blank side though. For me, I hate for my little chain thingy to be twisted! I want my charms, lozenges, tags etc. to all hang nice and neat and not twisted or out of a nice, neat arrangement! I'm weird!
  7. hmmm . . . I enthusiastically place "pave" tags on all my bags to fuss with as well:push:
  8. LOL I love this thread. You gals are too cute. The actual twisting of the hangtag chain is what bugs me most lol.
  9. i totally agree. i have a legacy tote, and the coach hangtag sometimes will flip inside the tote, or flip upside down. i'm always checking and flipping it over....and making sure that no one is watching me and thinks that i am some weirdo.

    good, this makes me glad that i'm not the only one. lol :smile:
  10. You're not alone. There are others!! Hahaha, I have issues with my L charm flipping over and looking backwards, I can't stand it. I'm constantly fixing it as well as my hangtag. Everything has to sit perfectly or it drives me bonkers.
  11. Hooray for OCD :push: I'm the same way.
  12. I constantly "fix" my hangtags too, especially on my Legacy Slim Tote. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does it!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. haha i usually just take the hangtags off completely if i can

    but that's just me;)
  14. I haven't worn my Whiskey Legacy Shoulder since I got it on eBay a couple of weeks ago, because it didn't come with the Coach and brass tags. I guess that I am a little weird about that too, I am waiting for a replacement from Coach, the seller is supposed to give me a small refund too, for the hassle. I am REALLY worried that Coach will not have a correct replacement for me.

    I must always remember though, that if that is the biggest problem for the day, then it has really been a great day!!!!!
  15. how bout double sided velcro?ROFL!

    Actually Im the same way with tags too..I like them always facin up!