Hangtag in front or back

  1. Stupid question but when you wear your shoulder bags, do you wear them say if it is one that is the same on both sides, with the zipper pull and/charms/hangtag/tassels/lozenges etc to the front or the back ? Just curious what other people do
  2. I wear mine to the front, so that I can keep an eye on my charms that I have hanging there. I am just paranoid that I would lose them, or they'd fall off. ;) This way, I know where my charms are at all times. :lol:
  3. The front...especially with the charms....I want them to be seen
  4. I wear mine with the tag/charm to the front. The only exception is my legacy...my scarf is tied so it sits at the "back."
  5. I like the tags and medallions to the back. Just me.
  6. I don't really pay attention. When I am in a store, I make sure the bag is zipped though.
  7. I like mine to hang in the back. Glad other ppl like theirs a certain way, I just thought I had OCD!!
  8. I like mine to hang in the front. My hangtag and lozenge are usually on the same strap with my perfume solid which kind of screams "COACH." And I like it that way :smile:
  9. I like mine to the back so I won't cover them with my arm since I tend to grab the front of the handles with my thumb (do this make any sense?) as I carry it.
  10. many of my bags are 2 handled totes...and I have the hangtag/charm(if applicable) on the handle facing out when i hold it, and on the right side...so it's not sitting right under my arm.

    make sense? heheh

    I do this because I've nearly lost a charm or two from having it under my arm...
  11. Same here - I've never really paid much attention to where the hangtag is. :shrugs:
  12. My hangtag is at the back as it comes that way. I carry the purse with the zipper at the back I think. I've only had charms on a satchel so that's with where the hangtag is.