Hangtag/Charm Question.....

  1. Okay, I know for most it is probably just personal preference, but I am curious.. do you guys try to have your hangtag/charms going a specific side, like in front of you or behind you? Right now I hung my skull on my hangtag and it goes behind me and it made me curious if you all move them around, or what you do, if anything!?! :confused1:
  2. i keep them in the front
  3. I keep mine at front as well.
  4. Mine go in back on all my bags.
  5. mine is in back too
  6. My hangtag is in the front, my charm in the back.
  7. I've actually started taking my hangtags off of some of my bags. There are some that look better with it and some that look better without it.
  8. I keep mine in the front so i can easily see them.
  9. I keep mine in the back of me, but front of the bag so it faces out.
    Same w/ my charms! Funny b/c my bags always seem to come set up this way though!!!!
  10. Always on the front of the bag, and in front of me.
  11. I keep them in the back..
  12. Front...it bothers me SOOO much when the hangtag is in the back :p
  13. It's funny to see how everyone is with their bags!!! :balloon:
  14. Both are always in the back.
  15. i keep mine in the back, charm & hangtag together ~ my arm covers them up when they're in the front, & i want to show them off :p ... but then i always keep checking to make sure they're still there, which probably looks silly :smile: