Hangtag and charm for legacy shoulder bag

  1. I bought a black legacy shoulder bag on eBay. It was supposed to have the hangtag and charm, but the bag doesn't have them. Can I order them from Coach? If yes, anyone know how much it would be?

  2. you can call and request one from coach...but honestly, it's hit or miss if you'll actually get the correct tag/medallion. I bought a legacy bag from the outlet, and it was missing the tag/medallion...tried to get a new one from coach, they sent me 2 wrong tags. I just gave up (heheh).

    doesn't hurt to try though.
  3. I lost the hangtag to my Legacy bag and I had my SA contact customer service and request one for me. I got the correct color hangtag along with chain and medallion on the first try. :yes:
  4. The store we have here carries extra hangtags. It's worth a shot just bring your bag back into your store and see if they have any hangtags available for you to take. They may not have the extra tag, but something pretty darn close to what you're looking for.
  5. ya your better off calling customer service they can probably help you out the most
  6. Ugh, I lost mine too. But, I did call the 1-800 number and got one no prob. Just make sure they know the exact bag/color you're looking for.