Hanging Scarf Spinner


Mar 9, 2006
Hello Everyone,
If you are looking for something to store your scarves on and you don't want to keep them folded away from your view I have something you may like. I suppose this if for someone who uses their scarves in a more frequent manner.


There is a hanging scarf spinner that will keep your scarves in order with a six-loop spinner. It is $8 and can be hung nicely in your closet.

Maybe one of you will like this.
thanks Kellybag!

do you think this would be harsh on the mousses? they are more delicate, etc.

I think this is a great idea for scarves you constantly used...and you are past the point of keeping them perfect folded, etc

think I might get it!

also....when I wear a scarf...and I am taking it off....I don't fold up and put back in my scarves...I let it air out a bit.....to get the restaurant smell, etc out of it...but this is great to keep me from having scarves all ove the house hanging over chairs!
I just hang my shawls folded on hangers so I can see them.

I do that as well. I hang my GMs and my 2 all cashmere stoles I have...on wooden nice hangers...so much easier.

the Toile de Hermes i have....I wrapped the hanger in tissue and then hung the Toile up.

I am trying to figure out what to do with my GM mousses...and the mouss stole I have?!?!?1