Hanging out in vegas

  1. Ok, I'm here on business, but want to do something fun after 6. Any ideas for the next few days?? I'm here by myself and this is my first time out west:police:
  2. spa, shopping, massage, nightclub, gambling???

    c'mon you don't need any help with that!
  3. I love walking around all of the hotels! Definitely get some shopping done at Caesars Palace or anywhere. Like guccimamma said, gambling, nightclub, spa, anything!
  4. Def recommend the spa!

    Go downtown and visit fremont st... get a drink at la bayou and hang out a bit in "old" vegas. There's a bus that runs right down the strip and is quick/easy/safe.

    Check out the shark exhibit at the Mandalay Bay

    Have a great meal (tons of great places, too many to mention)

    Gamble (if you'r einto gambling and want to keep the bets low, visit the strat or the sahara, or downtown for smaller table limits).

    Visit the top of the stratosphere and ride the rides on top there - very cool at night!


    Catch a show -- in the AM head to the 1/2 price ticket booth (there are several around the strip) and buy a ticket for a show at halfprice!
  5. Thanks for the tips guys. I do have a question-I have turned into a complete nerd-what night club should I go to and will i look weird going by myself? It's cold, windy and I'm too tired to hang out tonight, but tonight and tomorrow will be ready:p
  6. I second that!:yes:

  7. instead of a traditional nightclub, try an "ultra lounge".. I don't think you'd feel uncomfortable by yourself...

    Blush at Wynn
    Tabu at MGM
    Risque at Paris

    This article has more info about clubs in Vegas:
  8. It's Las Vegas! All you have to do is get dressed and go walking around. No one notices if you are alone or not. Go to the new club in the Luxor, LAX!!! Tell us how it is:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  9. Thanks for the tips!! I'm actually not alone now. I've met some people from my city and we are going to hang out tonight. They told me they hung out at the Artisian the night before, which is lounge-like, so I think they will enjoy these:yes:
  10. I'm real close to Luxor, so I will do that. Again, I am here on business, and had to get 2 days of sourcing into five hours today-so my feet are killing me:cursing:. I was at the convention center from 9-6 today.Plus it is cold and windy as heck, so I haven't seen a lot of people just out and about tonight.

    But thanks for the tip and I will report back. I saw that the Mirage has a club called Jet that I think a lot of famous people have gone to. Tonight will be low-key, but tomorrow-def LAX:okay:
  11. OK, I did enjoy myself here. I gambled a little, drank a little, went to the shark exhibit ans some lounges-all by myself:wlae:. I would have done more if it wasn't so cold and if my feet weren't killing me.

    As forLAX-I went on V-day because someone got me in free. I saw Lil Jon (crunk rapper), paris and nikki hilton, and an Ed Hardy designer I guess who was famous, but I didn't know him. This was my first real "velvet rope experience". They were really hard on the guys, and made them wait as they let in the women. Bouncers were rude for no apparent reason.

    I got a lot done, buy I am tired, so will take it easy tonight. I may go to the stratosphere, but I'll be back in Aug and now I;m not so intimidated and can plan some things the next time I'm here. Thanks guys for the tips:tup: