Hanging on to LV for dear life

  1. I was thinking the other day, and I'd probably hold onto my bag,too! They probably wouldn't beat you forever lol. and my screaming would grab attention..

    Of course, I say that now..who knows how one would really react in a situation though
  2. Since when was the manhattan pm over $2000 anyways lol
  3. I would have done the same thing. I'm confused over the price,too.
  4. The $2000 is the cost of the Manhattan bag and her clothing combined.
  5. lol my dad a few weeks ago told me that if anyone wants to rob me, smile and hand over the bag!!! cuz (1) they may think that the bag's fake and just leave and (2) NOTHING IS WORTH YOUR LIFE!!!! geeez louise!
  6. Me too... I would have held on to it; that would be my instinct even thought I know it's not smart. However, if they get the bag they'd get all of the other great LV stuff inside of it...(wallet, make up bag, pastilles, groom rund key chain ) I was at city center today and some rough looking guy complimented me on my multi speedy. Immediately, I thought I was in trouble; but he just went on his way. I should have known better than to carry a highly recognizable bag down there. I usually carry bags that folks really don't know about when I go away from my usual "safe" places. I'm glad that poor lady survived; people are so nasty. :hysteric:
  7. omg that's crazy! I live in nyc and of course know to hand over the bag. Once, my uncle was visiting from Canada and came to my house with blood all over his face because he wouldn't hand over his briefcase!! (it had his passport) and he took on 5 or 6 young guys in some dark gas station area...good thing they didn't have a gun!
  8. As much as I love my LV, it's not worth my life. I'd let go.
  9. That just goes to show you that our great taste in handbags could make us a target. Pay attention to your surroundings ladies! I know that a handbag isn't worth your life but I would definately put up a fight for my any of my bags-especially the Leopard Polly!!
  10. Oh that's so horrible! But I prolly would've clutched my louie for dear life too.
  11. I probably would've let go. I'd rather not be injured, god-knows-what with a bashed head, etc., etc. or even get killed. LV's going to still be around and I can always get another bag.

    Then again, who knows what I'll do?!
  12. lol! well. if they had a gun. then id give it up, but if not, i would unleash my karate skills.
  13. Too bad we couldn't all just beat them with our LV's.
  14. :wtf: