Hang tag question

  1. Do all Coach bags come with a hang tag? Or are there some that are made without them? Reason I'm asking is I just bought a braided leather hobo off eBay that I got authenticated but then I noticed it didn't appear to have one in the pic so I asked the seller and she said she didn't remember it ever coming with a tag. My second question would be, is there a way to purchase them through Coach??
  2. I think you can ask for a replacement from Coach for no charge.
  3. it must have fallen off with no one noticing it. I lost a tag for my sig. small flap and I just went to the store and they gave me a new one no charge. They said they usually have a ton of them, either from JAX sending them or from the bags they damage out. Check your local store.
  4. You can call Coach CS and they will ask for the number on the creed patch inside the bag and they'll send one out to you free of charge.
  5. ^^ How long does it usually take for them to send a replacement? I called to order one about a month ago and haven't received it yet.
  6. I think I got my replacement within a few weeks...it's possible with the holiday season that it could take longer.
  7. i called CS when i lost one from a wristlet and i got it within a few days (no charge)
  8. Sometimes for an older style it takes a while, but it will come. I lost one, a metal one from my #6083, and it took four weeks! I practically welded it to the bag. Be patient, it will come!
  9. go to the boutique and ask them...a lot of times 800 will only give you a leather, even though the bag may have metal.
  10. all bags have one.. i lost one before and i went to a store and asked if they had a spare to match and it was free
  11. ^ This is good info to know! Thanks for sharing, all! :tup:
  12. I had called to request a replacement hangtag back in the beginning of Oct. because I lost the hangtag and medallion to my '06 Legacy leather shoulder zip. After waiting a few weeks and not receiving it, I went into my Coach store and asked them if they had any extras. The SA told me to call Coach and they would send me one. So I waited a few more weeks thinking it was on its way, but now it's the end of November and still nothing, so I called Coach and asked about it. It turns out that they never sent out the order, and the person on the phone said that they would "expedite it" and send it out right away. I asked if I would also be receiving the small round medallion but he said they're not giving those out anymore. Oh well. :shrugs: