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  1. gabby sent me a picture of the handy they just received in case anyone's interested. it retails for $330.

    sorry the pic's so blurry. i'll tell her to keep her hands steady next time. :P



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  2. So cute!
  3. Oh cute, it's one of those two-tone ones!

    Um, Tad can you tell Gabby to learn how to FOCUS her camera?:amuse:
  4. Cute! Thanks for sharing. I like the two-one.
  5. thanks for sharing
  6. cute!
  7. Ahh, the 2 tone! I like this- what are the measurements?
  8. Oooh, I like this better than the two-tone Jen!
  9. love the two tone. is it large than the palais flat case?
  10. Cute! :smile: I'm still after the Marky though. One thing at a time. :P