handy dandy eBay tool

  1. I’m not a frequent eBay user, but I came across this useful eBay tool that I thought I’d share.

    negative/neutral feedback finder:

    Don’t you hate scrolling thru pages and pages of feedback to find that one negative or neutral feedback? What you do is input someone’s eBay user ID, and the tool sorts through and shows you all the negative and neutral feedback that person has received. You can also see the negative and neutral feedback that person has given to others on eBay.

    I’m sure power eBay users already know about this tool, but I hope it helps eBay newbies!

    It seems to work well, but I can’t guarantee its accuracy. I guess a way to test it is to check it on your own feedback??? Can anyone test, and tell us how accurate this is?
  2. Thanks!! I've seen some other people on the forum mention this, and I always wondered how to find it:smile: Seems very useful because, yes, I am always wasting loads of time scrolling through those pages to find the negatives...
  3. what a useful site, thank you for sharing.
  4. thanks for sharing..I've alwways wanted to know how to do that!
  5. I love toolhaus! I always use it ^^

    I'm always amazed at how bratty and immature some ebay sellers are!
  6. That's cool! Thanks for sharing!
  7. ahh, that thing has saved me so many times from icky ebay sellers. thank god to whoever came up with it! :]
  8. oooh thanks! very helpful!
  9. yay! glad I was able to contribute something helpful to this forum, since I've learned so much from it :smile:
  10. It was posted in the authenticate this forum, but I no longer have access to that forum. There is a website where you can put in the sellers id and it will check for all their negative or hidden feedback. Does anyone know of a link? thanks!:flowers:
  11. I prefer goofbay.com- works great!
  12. The Authenticate This! Forum has been disabled for now, no one has "access". Just wanted to let you know it's not just you ;)
  13. Is goofbay up and running again? I thought their access to ebay had been limited, but i havent checked back...?
  14. Hi, all,
    I have probably told some of you this before, but I just found a new site to help search ebay and make it safer for shoppers like us:
    www.toolhaus.org is a German site, but a lot of it is in English and I have found it very helpful to dredge up negative feedback, also www.goofbay.co.uk and go to the tools section, and finally I found this one today: www.gumshoo.com it highlights anything suspicious about sales and just makes it easier to see. I already see that popular searches on the gumshoo site include LV, Chanel and Prada.
    I don't work for these people, but I know I have been a victim of ripoffs and scams in my purse collection hobby and I would like to see ebay clean up their act as much as anyone.:yes:
    Happy Shopping and I hope this helps us!!