Handy Bag for my Louis..

  1. Well, it's gonna be rainy season soon and I just bought a mono speedy like a month ago, so I didnt want to not wear it so I bought these instead! I found these Handy Bags at Walmart..they are soooo adorable but most of all, they're small enough to carry in my speedy so that in case it rains I can still protect Louis..yeah, my parents were laughing at me.. :smile:

    what is the craziest thing YOU have done for Louis? LOL.:yes:
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  2. oh, i'll do anything to protect my LV. really. when it rains all of a sudden, i'll just hide my bag under my jacket. or wrap the bag with the jacket, i'll end up being the one soaked in the rain.
  3. me 2!! i feel like i was the only one!! my hubby would give me looks like 'its only a bag.' wut r those handy Saks?? how does it work??
  4. The handy Saks are 10 small plastic bags..it says you could use them for a diaper bag..purse..different things. I use it so that in case i'm stuck in the rain, i can put Louis inside the plastic bag and not ruin the vachetta..believe me, i already did this and it was a life saver! Hey, I paid almost 700 bucks for my speedy, there is NO WAY i'm letting some rain ruin my bag!:yes:
  5. That's a great idea! I too am totally guilty of putting my coat around my bag and I end up getting drenched instead :sad:
  6. i need those!
  7. Well...have to be honest, i have kinda thing in my LV ALWAYS!!!! :graucho: coz Thailand has 2 season.....rainy and heavy rainy....LOL
  8. In addition to hiding the bag under my coat or shirt, I've been know to keep a plastic grocery bag inside my LV just in case it rains or snows. It's the perfect cover.

    It's cheap, just take an extra from the supermarket. The bags take no space at all!!
  9. Last time I was at the airport coming home from a trip I went outside and it was raining and pretty cold. There was no way I was getting my new Manhattan GM wet so I wrapped it in my jacket and walked in the pouring rain to my car which was at the far end of the parking lot. I was drenched but my bag was safe!
  10. i do the same thing... my mom's always like why do you use your nice bags when it's raining anyway? i just always have to use my lvs. it wouldn't be worth the money if i didn't use them, rain or shine! :lol:
  11. LOL.. I haven't really had my bags in the rain yet. All my rainy walks is from my car to work.. I just run like heck.. But if it does pour.. I gotta get myself some plastic bags too. :biggrin:
  12. the 2nd or 3rd time i used my cabas mezzo we ended up having to go to the supermarket. it was just starting to rain a bit and i didn't want to get water marks on the new vachetta but i didn't want to leave it in the backseat or anywhere that someone could see it. so i folded down the backseat and put my bag in the trunk via the backseat so that i wouldn't even have to take it outside even for a second! my husband, fortunately understands my obsession and is very accommodating. good thing i did this as it was pouring when we came out of the supermarket.
  13. Cool.