Handwash a Handbag

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  1. I purchased a Louis Vuitton Galleria Handbag from Ebay and the cig. smoke is so heavy that it makes my entire car smell. I was wondering if anyone has washed the interior microfiber lining of a Louis Vuitton handbag and if so, how did it turn out. The microfiber lining pulls out so it won't get the vachetta wet. I have been bold enough to hand wash the cotton lining in an LV bag and a few others but am not sure how the microfiber will hold up (shrink, discolor). It is far too smelly to carry-it really stinks. Any previous experience would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. I can't comment on washing microfiber, but I have heard good things about Bag Borrow or Steal's repair services, and they have a deodorizing service that they claim will remive smoke smells and other odors, for a price of $45.
  3. I doubt the microfiber would be damaged, but - the leather will be impregnated with the cigarette odor and you'd still have a smelly bag. In all my years of dealing with leather, I have yet to find, hear of, or know about a successful removal of cigarette odor (regardless of what you read on the web), which is why I always ask sellers if their item is from a smoke-free home. My recommendation: Alert the seller that you'd like to return the bag due to the odor and get your money back.
  4. Thanks for responding. I was reading that cigarette smoke "sticks" to things and if it is porous, it is literally engrained into the leather and won't wash out. The seller never mentioned the odor and now says they don't take returns so I'm stuck with it. I have only 3 options:
    Carry it as is which is making me feel ill from the smell
    Wash it and see if it improves and maybe use some type of leather protectant for smell's sake to see if it helps
    Donate it to Salvation army

    I am tempted just to wash the entire bag since there isn't a lot of vachetta on the Galleria (mainly canvas Monogram) and if it gets ruined, I'm out $800. I am just wondering if the vachetta gets soaking wet, how will it dry? I just read about someone who put their LV bag in the washing machine! I really don't want to be out $800 but it is far too smelly for me to carry.
  5. I'll have to email them and ask about cigarette smell. Boy can that smell ruin the fun in carrying the handbag :sad: Maybe they can get it out? It would be worth $45
  6. They specifically include smoke odor in their description of their deodorizing service:


    Thorough interior handbag cleaning, plus perfume, smoke and other purse odors are neutralized.

    I do know what you mean. I'm a reformed heavy smoker (quit more than a dozen years ago) and the smoke smell is just horrible for me - unpleasant AND makes me want to smoke, all at the same time.

    I recently bought a smaller moss green version of my fav vintage Fossil hobo, and was very sad to find that it smelled - not too strongly but distinctly - of smoke. I'm going use a couple of packets of aquarium charcoal (the kind that comes pre-sealed in filter paper), but if that doesn't get the smell out, I'm just gonna give the bag to a friend who doesn't smoke. It is not a high-value bag, so I don't think I want to spend $45 for the service. If it was a more expensive bag, I'd jump on it. BagBorrowOrSteal has one of the highest rated handbag repair centers (I think NY Times rated it #2, IIRC), si I wouldn't hesitate to send a bag there.
  7. Before you do anything file a complaint with eBay. They may be able to assist you since the seller left out a very important piece of info. It's worth a shot at least.
  8. A seller , even ones who clearly state returns not accepted have to except returns on items that are not in a condition you expected from description. The smoke/ odour was not mentioned and due to this unusable . You go straight to the resolve a problem opening a dispute on eBay selecting item not as described , you've already tried to sort this with seller. You will see choices of selections why you feel item is not as described and one is odours/ stains etc. make sure you additionally add the smell of tobacco and cannot be removed. eBay WILL tell the seller they have to refund on returned. You update tracking and eBay will reverse the money to you. Make sure you return will full insured and tracking with signiture .
  9. I'm pretty brave. I'd wash it in my sink with some Tide, warm water & a soft sponge. Towel it dry & use hair dryer on cool setting for the interior. Then use leather wipes for the vechetta to moisturize it. LV is pretty much coated canvas.
  10. I would be afraid washing the inside would cause mold or mildew since you cannot really heat dry it.
  11. Thanks for the information! I will give it a try. There is something very distinctive about the smell of old cig. smoke that is awful. Every morning I walk through a group of smokers that stand outside the coffee shop and it doesn't bother me so much because it's fresh smoke? Anyway, I'm going to try this bag service and hope it helps-it's worth the money! $45 is much better than risking ruining the entire bag by throwing it in the washer :smile: I almost did it and then chickened out.
  12. I lost my buyer protection because I opened 3 cases in a short period of time due to receiving FAKES (and this was verified by Carol Diva). I was punished because I was scammed? I told Ebay it is a reflection of how many fakes are being sold on their site yet I am the one penalized? Really upsetting but spent too many hours trying to discuss this with them only to get the run around.
  13. wow, that is ridiculous! :wtf:
  14. That stinks! But you should still contact the seller and ask for a refund and see what they say. Tell them you will do a chargeback on your card because the item was not as described. Sellers are supposed to disclose when their items have odors.

    If this fails I personally would not invest any additional money into the bag, I'd leave a negative for the seller and just re-list and mention the smoke odor. But I have used a soapy washcloth inside a smoky speedy and after airing it out for awhile it was ok and I was able to resell it. (I also had a seller who didn't disclose the smoke odor but I paid with a money order so I was SOL. It worked out and I made a small profit when it was re-sold.)
  15. did you use paypal to purchase the bag?

    i heard they are able to reverse the charge.