1. anyone know a site where i can find a reputable breeder that does this for terriers?

    **for those who do not know what this is, its not as painful as it sounds like, its removing the DEAD hair from their coats to encourage new growth and harsh wiry coats like they are meant to have.
  2. Did you mean to say that you are looking for a breeder or that you are looking for someone to groom a dog that you already have?

    If you are looking for a groomer that will handstrip properly, just call around to local salons and ask for someone who has certified or competed in handstripped terriers, it is not that rare in most places.
  3. ^^ whoops i meant groomer! lol sorry, okay i will thanks!
  4. Aarti, as you know I have a westie too-- A couple of weeks ago, I took him to his groomers, and his butt was so matted that they had to shave it!! How embarassing it must of been for him!! Luckily, its growing back now

    Good luck finding a handstripper for your doggie-- deffinately make sure that they're certified or have taken a class or something like that...
  5. redrose1028, your poor westie. hehehe.. awww.. im sure the other dogs love it tho ;) mwaha, horndogs.
  6. LOL BELLE! aww poor baby :sad: i brush him fairly often, so hopefully that wont be the case. but if he knocks me off the bed again, i will not be able to contain myself lol if he needs that to.