Handsfree Mulberry for Travel?

  1. Hi Mulberry experts! :smile:Any suggestions for a crossbody strap or hands free Mulberry bag for travel? Do they make something like this? (The Antony messenger is too small.) Thanks for your replies!;)
  2. I have a buffalo leather dillon which I use for travelling and find it a very useful size, I would say it is at least twice the size of the Antony.
  3. In the new collection there is a larger style of the Antony bag - it's 29.5cm x 27cm x 8cm . The Seth might be another option.
  4. I'd go for the mens line, a Brynmore to be exact. It's quite roomy and comfortable to wear. I'm bying one for myself this fall :yahoo:
  5. I have a Mulberry Martha. It is not as western looking as some people think.

    I used it in Rome last June and got absolutely drenched in the rain. At first I was "Oh no!" but what can I do? It was raining cats and dogs and I thought, "Oh well, it's ruined."

    But...it actually just got more character in it and now it does not look "shiny" as in looking-new just well worn and "vintage."
  6. Ohhh...I just saw one at Harrods online, the Mulberry Lichfield!
  7. I like the Seth:yes:

    Plain Jane too - I like your martha :smile:
  8. agree with RachelA , the Seth is a great size , the brynmore is large but boy can you fit a lot on it , my hubby steals mine , he is 6 foot 2 and it looks great on him , bad news!! The strap is long enough for him to wear across the body
  9. The Brynmore and the Seth look fabulous! Thanks Ladies, for your suggestions. I will also check out the Martha.