Hands too small for Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois?

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  1. I've been eyeing this wallet (eLUXURY - null - null=). Today when I went to the store to try it, I realized that my hand seemed too short to hold the wallet on its vertical side (as in when I am getting my bills out). Is there such thing as a shorter version of this? Why do they make wallets so long? I'm so used to the more normal size (like the snapped billfold and coin purse). Even though I like the look of the Porte-Monnaie, I might have to end up getting the snapped billfold one due to comfort of holding the wallet :sad:
  2. No, unfortunately there isn't really a shorter version of the French purse...IMO it's the perfect size. If you want something small, yeah, go for the snapped bill and coin purse or the zipped compact wallet.
  3. i'd say go for the koala. the shape is a lot better imo
  4. I looked into that too, but I don't like the double credit card thing. Otherwise, the koala is so cute!