Hands too small for Chloe Betty Satchel?

  1. I just got this gorgeous bag from NM ... I couldn't pass up the fantastic clearance price! :heart: Although I just love it, the patent leather is just gorgeous -- the handles are wide (1.5" each) and I'm finding them uncomfortable with my really small hands. :crybaby: Does anyone else have this issue? If so, have you taken your bag to be altered so the straps are a little narrower? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks! :yes:

    Here's the bag in all its glory:

  2. Ahhhh that is a shame! :crybaby:

    Your new bag looks gorgeous! I love the Betty and have two myself :heart:

    My hands are really tiny (size F on my ring finger!) but I find the Betty fine to carry. I wonder if it is because you have the patent Betty? I imagine the handles are more stiff because of the coating. Mine are both soft leather so very comfy.:yes:

    I don't know about getting the handles narrowed. I think that might spoil the look :shrugs:

    Perhaps you might get used to it and the handles will soften with use?
  3. I'm with Balchfen. The handles will probably soften and you may end up regretting it if you get them narrowed! Lovely Betty though.:heart:
  4. yep, I agree, I have the small, and also have small hands and have not noticed this at all, but mine is the regular soft leather.
    I think its going to soften up by you holding it, dont give up on this gorgeous little bag, its so super cute!
    congrats, how much did you end up getting her for, if you dont mind me asking :smile:
  5. That bag is gorgeous, I :heart: the patent betty :yahoo:

    I hope you can feel better using her soon :yes:
  6. I got it on the NM website, $664, plus tax but free delivery and the total was $720 --- I couldn't believe it! :heart:

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I will hold on to her for a bit and see if the handles soften up a bit!
  7. ^ That's such a fantastic deal Lori, congrats! Hopefully it'll soften with use. Or maybe you can carry it on your arm instead? I don't think you should have it altered! :shocked: