Hands down: The IT bag now!

  1. Hi. I need to get a bag for my 14 year-old niece. But she will only want the IT bag coveted by women. What should I get her? I am willing to spend $3K, but would rather keep it at $2500. Help gang!:confused1:
  2. mirroir lockit is new & hot. though personally it's not working for me.
  3. I'm in dire need of a new uncle named richrewards.
  4. well, at 14, her faves will probably be any model bag from the Multicolor Line. (black background or white background with approx 33 different colors in foreground). the MC Speedy might do the trick. check out elux or tPF's Multicolor "Clubhouse" section for a good reference.

    btw, you are the BEST unlce. wow!
  5. Multicolor Ursula
    LVOE Tote
    Suhali Lockit in Black or White
    Monogram Denim Patchwork Speedy
    Onatah Gm in White
    Dentelle Speedy
  6. Thanks everyone. I just ordered from her from eLux:

    Multicolore White Mongram Burlingot
    Multicolore White Monogram Koala Wallet
    Multicolore Black Monogram Speedy 30

    She's 14; she should have fun with those, right?
  7. Great Choices. She will love them :wlae:.
  8. I have that koala wallet and I love it. I hope she appreciates and treasures those bags so that they will last for decades!
  9. You are such a great uncle :tup:
  10. you have such a lucky niece! she should go crazy when you give those to her. you made great choices!
  11. Wow, what a great birthday she's going to have! Those are fabulous choices! You're a super uncle, not just for the LV gifts but for being thoughtful and researching what you think she will like best - how considerate!!
  12. Ummmm.will u adopt me???
    (All my uncle gave me was a bday card...ROFL!)
  13. Those are great choices. I think she will love them.
  14. Great choices! *Jealous* :p
  15. wow.....and I thought a Dooney or a Coach was the right pick for a year old ....