handmaid carryall bag - special price ends tomorrow

  1. just fyi, the special price of $169 for the carryall bag at handmaid by michelle frantz expires tomorrow...

    Shop Lucky Breaks

    use code grespc1 at checkout...
  2. in any color? what a steal! I love the Peaches and Creme...
  3. any color...only the carryall style though.
  4. oh my goodness! thanks for this code and reminder! I'm definitely getting one of these.
  5. I'm devestated! Last night, I ordered a purple carryall with the discount. The order processed and everything so I was excited for it to eventually arrive. I daydreamed about it all day at work. Then I got home and had an email saying they were sold out of the purple.
  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry!

    I just ordered the black carryall tonight, after a long deliberation between the purple, black and peaches & cream. From the threads I found here and elsewhere, purple seemed like a really popular color (thanks to Gretchen's Closet, too!). I guess the threads did their job! :shrugs:

    Will you consider a different color? Once I saw the opening shot on Hand Maid's website, I had to get the black - it looks HOT!
  7. The black on the opening of the website looks so hot! I ended up getting red because I have a million black leather bags (though I doubt you could ever have too many). I decided on something colorful to round out my collection.

    The purple was definitely an "it" color which I guess was why it sold out first. Oh well! It's just not my bag destiny. I'm sure the red carryall will be put to use!
  8. The red looks nice too... I had the hardest time choosing a color!

    Post pics when you get it - I haven't seen pics of the red (other than the website)!
  9. Just wanted to say... my carryall arrived today... and I LOVE IT!