Handmaid by Michelle Frantz Poor Customer Service?

  1. Have any of you bought a bag from their site? I bought one in March and in April it started coming apart (the lining started to shred)I sent them an email in May and never heard back from them. I called them last week and they never called me back. The bag is really starting to fall apart and it was not cheap! I got it half-price for around $200.
    Any experience with these people?
  2. Still no reply from these people.....arghh...
  3. what bag did you get? I bought carryall bag from them last year that had a small issue (folding flap). I tried to contact them for exchange or refund but didn't get any reply, too.
    The bag is nice by itself and I got it on clearance so I started using the bag and took it as $170 lesson.
    I'm never dealing with this people again!