Handmaid bag: Yay or Nay and what color

  1. Please help me decide if i should get this bag and if yes, what color...thank you.


  2. Hi there! I just purchased that bag in black! Pros - GREAT price, very smooth, supple leather, cute design, LOVE the lining, shoulder strap is very comfortable, will hold a lot. Cons - size is too big for me! It was more boxy than I anticipated, I felt like I was like carrying luggage or something. I guess I'm not used to that size of bag. Also, the opening was a bit too small for me - not easy to get things in and out of the bag. I ended up returning it. I think it would be really good for some, just depends on what you are looking for! Hope that helps you make your decision!
  3. Those are very cute! I'm liking the white. :yes:
  4. I generally stay away from white bags, because white bags can get dirty more easily, and the color tends to become yellowish over time. Especially in the case of big, casual bags, you have to worry constantly about where not to put them. For small white bags, you can put them on your lap when sitting down or having a meal.
  5. I prefer the white, but wouldn't use it for every day. It's very pretty.
  6. This is adorable! I love the cream one. The black looks too plain and doesn't show off the bag's good features! Where's it from?

  7. its from handmaid by michelle frantz...there's a code right now for cheaper...i think it's: grespc1, for $169.00 (regular $440). good luck

  8. Oh my god! When does that code expire? I don't want to impulse buy, but I'm really loving these bags.
  9. it expires on 10/31/06...let me know what u decide to get..thanks. i was looking for more reviews, but couldn't find it...do u know where else to look for reviews? thanks.
  10. Wow, that is a great deal. I was eying these when there was a 50% off coupon. I suppose I could use a cream bag. :graucho: It is such a pretty color. Oh, I meant to ask: Is the jet pure black, or dark gray? It is hard to tell in the photos. Thanks!
  11. The white one is really pretty.
  12. Well, it is not my kind of bag, but I am obviously alone in that opinion, so you have a pretty good vote, here... I do like the Isabella clutch a lot....
  13. That white one is gorgeous!
  14. I love the white!
  15. I love the white one too, but i would worry about getting it dirty.