Handmade Fabric Handbags by Daisy Janie

  1. They're cute. If the straps were longer, some of the bags would make nice messenger bags, I think.
  2. Cute! I love polka dots (those colors are a little rough on the eyes though).

    Love this pattern -

  3. Hi Ladies--
    Jan DiCintio here, Owner-Designer of the Daisy Janie handmade fabric handbags you're checking out. Glad you're getting a chance to view them...they're getting some good press lately (http://www.mycicy.com/featured-designer.asp)

    To really see what the nuts & bolts of each purse includes (i.e. handle length), visit the www.daisyjanie.com website. There's more to each bag than meets the eye! ;)

    All fabrics are custom-designed by me....you WILL NOT find them anywhere else....there are a lot of fabric handbag designers out there using the same fabrics over and over again...I had to separate myself from the pack! I am an artist as well so my fabric designs are an extension of how I see the world...bright, happy and always a little unexpected! FALL Fabrics are on their way!!

    Enjoy. Thanks for the feedback.
    Jan D.
  4. Hi Jan. I think the Partridge Stripes pattern's really cute.

    Good luck!
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