1. is anyone having problems with the handles on the monogrammed canvas bags? I have heard that they are hard to keep clean and have to be protected from the rain.
  2. this has been discussed several times. there is a search function at the top where you can type in the topic you are interested in finding. :heart:

    they are hard to keep clean but if you handle them with care they will develop a nice patina. the waterspotting problem is called watermarks and some have used Apple Guard and Shining Monkey Spray as a leather protectant which keeps them looking like new.
  3. Yeah. I wouldn't say I've ever had a PROBLEM, and I don't treat ANY of my handles because I just don't feel that they need it. My mom's used her LVs for 16 years and hasn't had problems with water etc.
    I'd avoid misty rain, since it'll have more drops of water but if it's hard, pouring rain, there really isn't a problem since it'll just dry anyway. I've had some of my bags in that kind of rain and the vachetta wasn't affected at all once it dried out.
    And keep pens away from it and you'll be fine.
  4. I dont have any problem with my handles.When it rains I just try to cover the handles under my umbrella. I dont treat my handles at all.
  5. I'm paranoid about rain/oil/lotion getting on my handles. Even more so when it's a newer lighter piece than a more aged patina'd one.

    If the forecast says rain I won't carry my LVs.