Handles wrinkling?

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  1. I Have a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 and the handles are starting to wrinkle underneath. I have only carried the bag a handful of times is this something that will get worse over time?
  2. How old is the bag? Can you show pics of what you're seeing (use the macro setting)?
  3. I purchased this bag around last October I believe. Here is a few pics.
    407A43E6-2B4C-427C-8543-904003804219.jpeg 949A3426-477F-4A4A-9546-64025564627C.jpeg
  4. Mine were like that when i purchased it in 2011 and they are still the same, no ripping or any other wear to them. Look just the same as when i purchased them.
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  5. Looks normal to me!
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  6. Totally normal.
  7. Mines much worse looking. Was like that when I bought it new. Had it for nearly 2 years now. Hasnt got worse or anything. I don't give it a 2nd thought really and hasn't stop me enjoying the bag. To be honest the wrinkling has helped with the grip, as I get sweaty palms. I guess it's hard for them to get it entirely smooth cos of the curvature of the handles and brown damier leather used on handles being a bit more stiffer and less pliable.
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    Yes, just normal. Carrying causes some pressure to the handle, so of course you'll see some minor indentations.
  9. This is normal and I've had them brand new with that and expect it due to the shape having to bend around
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  10. Same on my mono delightful even
  11. Agree with everyone else...this is normal.
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  12. Absolutely normal, my Alma is the same from day one to now (4 years).
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  13. My DE Speedy B 35 from 2012 handles do not look like this. However, my Speedy 30 WT was shipped to me last week with dry, cracked handles that felt like snakeskin. I returned it and am now waiting on a new Speedy 30 WT. My CA received another Speedy 30 WT this week and she said the handles were normal (not like mine). Sigh!!! SMH!!!
  14. My DE Speedy B straps wrinkled too, it was purchased last July 2016 :sad:
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  15. My DE Speedy B 35 from 2012 does not have any wrinkles in the strap or handles. Thank goodness!!