Handles on Westminster GM

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    I tried on the Westminster GM and the handles seem quite a bit rigid and the one strap didn't want to sit on my shoulder without fallling down. Is this the general consensus on this handbag? It is a preowned bag, so I don't think it would "soften" over time. Anyone else feel that the straps are "stiff"? Do any of the DE shoulder strap bags have "softer" handles that are easy to put on and easier to use?
  2. Hi. I've had my Westie GM since late 2011. I agree that the handles are a little stiff, but they don't dig into my shoulder even after hours of use. I don't have broad shoulders so I kind of crisscross the straps over my shoulder, and the straps usually stay on. For me, the Westie straps stay on better when I wear a sweater or coat because of the extra padding and friction, and I use her heavily during fall and winter. I hope this helps you a little. Good luck on decision!
  3. Well, I fear that if I buy I will always find them stiff, but maybe this is the way all the trim on the DE bags is.
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    I totally understand. And speaking of totally, the Totally DE is going to be released March 28. If you're looking for a DE zippered tote, maybe this will fit better. I'm going to try on both the PM and MM.
  5. it softets with time
    and I actully felt the nf straps are worse