Handles on spy sort of falling apart..i can see the glue

  1. anyone have this problem? you can see the glues on the handle of your spy? like it's kinda falling apart? mine's doing that already....what's happening??
  2. can you post clear pics? i'd like to know before getting a leather handle spy.
  3. sorry but Saks have my bag now for the repairs...so no pix
  4. do you have pics?

    I have a black spy bag with woven leather handles, it has some glue showing on the woven part, but its from excess glue(?) and its still holding up and in very good condition. Perhaps you should call Fendi or take it back to the store you got it from. Im sure they can further assist you.
  5. Gosh I don't have that on any of my spies - great that Saks have taken it back.

    Keep us posted
  6. What glue? My handles are sewn on. I can't see any glue.
  7. Yhe handles are sewned on? Really? I thought they were glued on???

    Now, can someone clarify this for us?? thx

  8. Where exactly is the glue you can see. Are you sure its glue. The handles are sewn on they are not glued on. If I was you when you pick the spy up from Saks just ask the SA or Manager what it is you are seeing, they will then tell you what it is and why its their. Their is not a lot you can do until you get the spy back from Saks then you will be able to find out what it is. hope this helps
  9. Yes, you're right. i'll have to ask them later when I get my bag back in about 2 months. Anyhow, the glue i'm seeing is on the edge where the handle and the bag is attached. I actually went to the Fendi boutique and asked and all the SA said was that it needs to be glued or the handle will come apart eventually. Maybe it is sewed on and along the edges, it is glued. I wish I would have taken a picture of it before. Oh wells..I'll keep everyone updated.
    I just hope it's not a fake and then I'll feel really stupid..hahaha.
  10. how much are you paying to get it all fixed?
  11. not sure yet..they haven't given me a quote yet...
  12. Good luck...
  13. Oh dear, I hope evrything is fine. For reputable brands, they sometimes give you a totally new piece altogether.. Did you buy it there?
  14. Actually, I bought it from a seller that purchased it from there and she gave me the paperwork, and all. I first went to Fendi to see if they can fix it and then said no bc i didn't purchase it from there. Fendi even told me the same thing, that they should just give me a new bag. When I went back to Saks, they did say anything about a new bag and just told me they would repair it.

    Does anyone know if the handles are actually glued on or sewed on? The part that's falling apart is between the handle and the bag. Not the braided part of the handle. Thanks.

  15. :hysteric:The same thing has happened to the handles… Difference is my handles are coming completely off and for the life of me, I don't know what direction to turn... I was thinking about just repairing it myself but don't want to mess with the integrity of the bag... As for the glue..
    I can explain the construction of the bag so that you will have a better understand of the glue...
    When creating leather products (coats, bags, glues, etc) there is always a combination of sewing and glue included... So, you may see glue on your bag but in most cases it's only used as apart of the construction process...
    Problem with the spy bag is the way the handles are sewn on... Fendi should have used a stronger form of interfacing to give the butter soft leather more durability…
    Then to make matter worse, the Fendi fabric isn’t sewn onto the handle with the leather…
    That small detail would have made all the difference in the world…