handles on my speedy

  1. i've had my speedy 30 for less than a yr, n i found out that the black sweater i wore yesterday has stained the handles on my beloved speedy when i was carrying it on my arm >.< :crying:

    it looks dirty ... =(

    anyone knows how to remove the color?

    oh ya, one more question, i've just noticed the leather of one of the handle is much rougher than the other one, does anyone have this prob too?

  2. To remove the color, try baby wipes. But only if the handles had already patina-ed a little as it will darken the color. Do a search on baby wipes and you'll get lots of threads on that. ;)
  3. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser very lightly (dry) and then lightly wet it and try it once more...hope that helps!
  4. i had a similar problem when i first bought my speedy:sweatdrop: ........
    i used a black dustbag :noggin: instead of the LV dustbag that came with it (i wanted to preserve the dustbag).......
    one of the handles, and the tab was stained, i used baby wipes and the stain came off..........and it gave my bag a nice light patina too.......
    now i use a pristine white dustbag, :lecture: as i still intend to preserve my LV dustbags:flowers:
  5. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!!
  6. i heard that using the magic eraser scratches the leather... that might be too abrasive...
  7. I laughed at reading your post - :noggin: lol :lecture: lol
  8. Baby wipes work great. Follow up with a gentle leather conditioner.
  9. wow thanks gals for all of the replies =)

    what abt the diff texture of the leather? have u guys experienced this before? i've never had this prob until this speedy.....=(
  10. Heh I've actually scrubbed one of my older bags with leather conditioner. A lot of dirt came off and it was still super soft
  11. where can i get leather conditioner?

  12. yup that's normal that's what my SA said, handles of my MC trouville have diff texture the other one is smoother while the other has visible pores which makes it a little rougher.Don't worry it will smoothen in time
  13. for me i always hope that in time the patina process will cover up anything that's happened to the handles....

    one handle on my priscilla MC has a rough spot on it, but not the whole handle tho. i don't know if it's the same problem as yours

    good luck anyway :smile: