Handles on my *New* 04 Black City w/pewter hardware

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  1. Well, I just got a GREAT deal on an 04 Black City with Pewter Hardware...overall it's in fantastic shape, a few small issues, the major one being the handles...they are slightly softened and stretched..
    My question is, would it be better to just have them tightened and cleaned at LMB, or perhaps replaced, if BalParis can do that with 04 Leather? Anyone have any experience with either of these two methods?
    Thanks so much! :yahoo:
  2. personally, i like the handles when they're soft and stretched, kind of makes the bag feel comfy !
  3. ^^ i agree, i like them stretched and not tight. :yes:
    i don't think LMB can help you much with that - you probably should just get them replaced. i think it's pretty expensive to do that and it takes a couple of months - you can contact BAL NY or Paris if that's closer :shrugs:
  4. Do you have any pics?

    I personally like the city handles stretched out. It makes it easier to carry over the shoulder and it gives it a look that its roughed up an very moto-esque :love:
  5. it adds to the whole slouchiness of the bag ! would you really want brand new stiff handles on an 04 broken in bag though ?
  6. That brings up a good point. I wouldn't expect Balenciaga to have a stash of past season's leather somewhere, but at the same time, how would they replace handles on a specific color from a past season otherwise? Of course, your bag is black so they could easily use agneau (cue gasps :P).
  7. I have the same dilemma. I've been thinking about this for weeks, and have finally decided I can't trust them to replace the handles with the same leather. I think I remember reading somewhere that BalNY orders the handles and then has a local leather person who does the replacement.
  8. Hmmm, you guys are definately making me think twice....I have heard that BalParis at least does have the older leathers which they use for handle replacement, however, who can say, like you said, that they wouldn't just throw some agneau on there, and who's to say who would do the repairing...like you mentioned...
    AND, the bit about stiff new handles on a slouchy older bag is good also...
    Here are a few pics...my camera has a fuzzy spot for some reason..

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  9. Actually BalParis is now dying new leather to match your bag's color: so it will definitely not be 04 leather, but it should match.

    I would read up a LOT on LMB before sending a thing to them; try PMing some users (like ME) for personal reactions ;)
  10. As of this month, Bal NY will NOT be replacing ANY handles from any more bags that were not purchased Firsthand from them DIRECTLY. I just confirmed this today. They have not had 04 leather in quite some time and just this last month ran out of 05 leather :yes:
  11. ^^ What the hell? That's not right. Just cause we didn't buy from them directly what difference does this make? We still have to pay for the handles to be repaired, don't we?

    That is absolute crap.
  12. you're right ! that IS crap !
  13. I SWEAR!! I just got back my 05 black City for handle replacement that was $185.00 and they told me on the phone they are not going to be doing it anymore even if you bought it from Saks. NM, etc. If a phone call was not enough, here is proof IN WRITING :nuts: The note is in regards to Pre owned bags but I was told that it also includes bags not purchased directly from BalNY. It is total crap because no matter WHERE you buy it Balenciaga still got profit from it :cursing:

  14. Wait, how are they going to check that you didn't get it from BalNY or BalLA? Do we have to provide receipts? I'm a little nervous because I lost my Tomato City's receipt... :s
  15. they say "pre-owned" bags though , say, if you bought a bag from ebay, is that what they mean perhaps ? what if it came brand new from a store and you had a receipt still ?