Handles on my E/W Bayswater.

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  1. Hi everyone, has anyone had any experience of their handles being faulty on an E/W or full size Bays. I noticed the other day that the tubing inside the leather handles had snapped or at least bent quite badly giving the handles an odd crooked look. The handles haven't been under any strain whatsoever, all I carry in it is my make up, purse, phone and keys. The bag was bought on a well known auction shopping website with the guarantee that it was genuine. I'm praying I haven't been sold a fake, the rest of the bag looks truly genuine down to the 'made in England label, riri zip and serial number tag. Thanks for any information on this dilemma, just to ease my furrowed brow!
  2. There have been posts about piping within handles snapping, though not that often. Usually it's been due to the bag being overloaded. The best thing for you to do would be to post it on the authentication thread, just to be certain it's genuine. If so then you can send it off to Shepton for repair, but it will depend on whether they have stock remaining of the same leather and colour.
  3. Hi there Mooshooshoo, thank you so much for your help and advice. I will get the clever authenticator girls to give the bag the once over before I send the bag off to S.M. The E/W is in Oak N.V.T. so matching the materials wouldn't be a problem for them, but I need to be sure it's genuine before I send it.