Handles on my Ada

  1. I have a black Ada and have used her A LOT since getting her for Christmas 2006. The handles have become really worn and cracked. Anyone have this happen on any of your Koobas?

    I called NM (where it was purchased) and they send the bags to Kooba for repair. I hope they can replace the handles and I wonder if they will charge me??

    I want to wait for my new Charlie to arrive before I have to part with Ada to be fixed.

    Has anyone dealt with Kooba for repairs? How did it go?
  2. I had a broken button on an Angie taupe python bag, I recently purchased. I called Kooba to see if I could get a replacement button so I could sew it on. They had me leave a voice mail message. Kooba did call back but told me I had to take bag to store where purchased, and store would arrange for repairs. Store was Adasa online, which is in Hawaii. Adasa ended up having me return the bag and replaced it with another. Maybe Kooba will be different in your situation.
  3. Nice of the store to send you a new bag. The way the handles on the Ada are attached, they look like they could easily be replaced. I guess I will just have to see what NM says when I bring it in.

    Everything else about the Ada is great, it just seems like the handles were not made strong enough to support the weight of the bag, and I don't really put much in it!
  4. NM is pretty good. They may not give you a new bag but maybe they will send it on to Kooba to have new ones put on for a reasonable price.
  5. I'm very interested in finding out what, if anything, Neiman's will charge you for this service. Generally I find Kooba completely useless to deal with so it's probably a good thing you're going through the store.

    Please keep us posted! :yes:
  6. yes....kooba will DEF. not help you out much...their service sucks, but hopefully NM will take care of the situation. I had a problem with a paige and Kooba didnt do anything to help me...i ended up having to take my bag to a leather repair shop.
  7. Ditto to the bad Kooba customer service. I would rely on the retailer who sold you your bag. Good luck.
  8. I originally had emailed Kooba customer service and their reply was that they only dealt with bags purchased from kooba.com

    I have yet to make it to NM yet, pehaps this week and I will let you all know what they say.