Handles of GST & PST?

  1. Do the handles of the GST & PST stay on your shoulder or does one of them slip off? I know alot of you ladies have this stunning bag, but is it comfortable?

  2. i have pst. handles are comfy and one tend to slip off but it doesn't bother me.
  3. I have the GST and the handles stay on my shoulder fine with it.
  4. I have narrow shoulders so one of the handles of my GST always slips off. I have the small tote and it did that as well.

    I will be honest with you, the GST is not the most comfortable bag to carry. I got accustomed to the heaviness of it (and it is a gorgeous bag), but when I carry other bags (like a classic flap or a Longchamp) I realize just how heavy the GST is!

    Great for burning some extra calories, not so great if you're going to carry it on a shopping marathon.
  5. There are already threads about this topic if you do a search.
  6. I have a GST & yes, one of the handles does slip off occasionally. But I figured a way to fix that...when I put the handle closest to me on top of the outer handle it never slips! But if I ever forget it doesn't bother me...I LOVE this bag!!
  7. i just tried on the GST in store today, and no, it doesn't stay well on my shoulder at all, that's why i decided not to buy it...i was expecting to fall instantly in love with it.

    the only tote that stayed well on my shoulder was the medallion... i really liked the tote, but would much prefer a chain/leather strap
  8. My GST strap falls off occasionally...I just bring the farther strap over the other and it stays on fine just like Becky said.
  9. Thanks for all the replies - I think I need to try one on IRL first now before making my decision.