Handles don't fall flat on City GH

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  1. I've noticed that because of the giant hardware on my city bag, when I am using the shoulder strap, the handles don't really fall flat like they do with RH. They stick out horizontally a bit. Does this bother anyone else?
  2. Yes, it bothers me too. To me the proportions of the giant city are all wrong - the handles are too big and thick, when over the shoulder they look 'all handles', it looks weird since the handles obscure the rest of the bag. If the handles are not in pristine condition it really looks bad. I only ever hand-carry or arm-carry my giant city. When it's over the shoulder it's also really hard to get stuff out of it....
  3. I must say I noticed this too - although when the bag is a bit fuller then it didn't seem so noticeable. I did think it looked a little odd - and they 'clanked' together! They look soooo gorgeous tho!
  4. that doesn't really happen to my giant city. have you handles softened?
  5. No, they haven't softened. Does that help the situation? could you possibly provide mod pics of your bag hanging by its shoulder strap?
  6. Doesn't bother me. When I wear the bag by the shoulder strap, I always put the "handles up" anyways to avoid wear on the handles (from rubbing against me.)
  7. I noticed it, too~ AND the clanking. It was also too heavy... I guess GH just isn't meant for me.. too bad bc they're beautiful ): Took it back for a RH and it just so much more comfortable for me~

    Have you taken off the tags and used it? Are you able to take it back?
  8. Oh, I'm not planning on returning it. Still love it way too much. Not really too bothered by the clanking, just the fact that the handles don't fall all the way (but not bothered enough to let go! hehe)
  9. I really do think the GH is prettier though.. while the rh just looks more casual~ I just think my shoulder would give out after carrying the GH for a while, but I am tiny. hehe~ but as for the handles not falling flat, I have to agree with anchorsaway, it'll probably get better after the leather softens up a bit (:
  10. They don't bother me either.
  11. lol they do if they fall at a certain angle. haha. but sometimes, if you push the handles abit 'UP' they do fall nicely. if you know what i mean