handles are cracked on my new choco tote!

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  1. Hi everyone. I was so excited to get my chocolate paddington tote today...the leather is scrumptous,the color, pebbly soft. When I was inspecting closer I noticed the handles, on the back seam with the black tar stuff....it's cracking all up and down both handles. The black tar doesn't seem to be as thick as on my other bags. Also the handles are really soft, not so stiff like on my satchel. Has this happened to anyone, and are you okay with it? My SA is looking for another one for me. It's just a shame because the leather on this bag is so delicious :sad2: Oh well...
    The fact is I've ordered quite a few bags recently, so i guess the odds were not in my favor this time. This has to be a defect, for me to get it this way brand new, right? Does this happen over time on bags with the stress on the handles, anyway??
  2. I don't know if that is normal, but I am sorry it is not everything you wanted it to be! I really hope your SA can find a new one for oyu! Please keep us posted!
  3. I've seen cracked seals on the handles on a brand new Chloe paddy at the boutique... but the bag I saw looked like it had been handled a lot. Maybe you got a returned bag which has been used a few times. So far both my paddies are fine though... but I never carry much when I use them. I think the heaviness of these bags can cause too much strain on the handles, hence the seals start to crack :worried:
  4. Agree with the above post. It could be a manufacturing defect, the way the bag was displayed in the store (hanging versus sitting) or the result of being tried on a lot prior to your purchase. Whatever the case, it should not be happening on a $1900 bag you haven't even carried yet. Glad your s/a is trying to locate another. If it is Nordstrom, there is a good chance she will find one as most Nordstrom stores that ordered Chloe have this color.

    I also don't carry a lot in my Paddington satchels - no problems at all with the handles yet.
  5. can you take a photo of it?
  6. Where did you order the bag from? I have one on the way from the Chloe boutique in NY...I hope it does not have problems! I am getting tired of defective bags!
  7. this is bad because aren't we paying these prices to get bags that will last forever? i'm thinking maybe a lot of it is going towards design and not so much quality these days... maybe i should stick to bags that cost less.
  8. BellaFiore - I got a whiskey paddy brand spanking new from the NM pre-ordered batch and it was just like you describe - extremely soft handles, and cracking black sealant after toting it around the house a couple weeks. I got 3 other paddys to test at the same time - two were recycled NM returns, and one was almost the last-of-its-kind from Nordstrom's manhandled shelves, and all had firmer handles with no cracks. Especially after seeing some gals post problems with their handles 'breaking' (stuffing inside separating) I decided the whiskey definitely had to go back for that reason only! Personally I think it's a defect, and you should definitely get it replaced!!
  9. Hi there. It is Nordstrom, so I am hoping to get another. Now I just have to wait, again....It may have been a return, the Nordy tag was a reprint.:huh: If it was does this mean it will happen eventually? because of the weight, maybe? I don't know how you all feel, but I kinda think even with the heaviness this shouldn't happen. :wondering
  10. When your SA calls around, are they going to have the other SA check the handles? You should insist on that if they want the sale, and hopefully your SA totally gets where you're coming from.

    While the weight will have some impact over time, some handles just come out of the factory made better than others. I hear people complain of handle cracks on other designer bags and I look at my same bag and there's no problem - lucky I guess.
  11. Saw the chocolate tote this afternoon at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza.

  12. I agree!

    I think that these problems often happen more on reissued styles, as they are in too much of a rush at the factory, because they are trying to keep up with demand. :blink:
  13. My handles have softened up over time but no cracks have developed.
  14. OH NO how heartbreaking/aggravating! The edge dressing sealant should remain flexible - it does sound like a production defect. Hope this gets resolved soon for you!
  15. Was hoping to hear from mammab regarding this.
    She helped convince me, too...hoping your bag is perfect. ;)