Handle question GH WORK & GH PT~

  1. Does anyone have a GH work and a GH PT? Are the handles the same size on both of these bags? I know I've read that the handles on the GH bags are longer then the RH bags. HELP!!!!!
  2. the handles on pt is def longer...prolly by an inch. its take at least 2 or 3 wears for me before i can fit a gh work bag over my shoulders but the pt goes over my shoulder and still has room given. here 2 pics for you to compare...the pt is longer even over my hoodie sweater.


  3. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Malbi!!! That is so helpful!!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    Can you get both the PT and Work over the shoulder with a coat on?

    BTW~ your bags are TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love::love:
  4. yea the PT handles are definitely longer than the work... I can fit my ggh pt over a woollen coat no probs and still feel comfy... i think its coz its broken in... whereas the work handles is a bit tight over the same wool coat... hth! good luck!
  5. I agree with mabli and addicted ali, GH PT handles are longer than GH Work handles, and I believe that's the case also with the regular hardware versions of those bags :yes:. I should also add that the GH Work handles are longer than RH Work handles.
  6. Great qn Zac! I've been mulling over getting a GH PT, now I just need to decide what color to get it in! Thanks all!
  7. what about the brief GH handles and the city GH handles?
  8. Thanks addicted & deco!!! The info is very much appreciated!!!!

    peppy~ What colors are you deciding btwn?

    beautiful stranger~ I am so curious about the city and brief handles too as well as the RTT handles!!! Hopefully someone can help us figure this out!!!
  9. MABLI!!! You totally rocked the Cinn GH PT~!!!

    As far as the handles go on the Giant Hardware PT.. it well definitely fit over most shoulders (speaking which because... I have big ol' arms)... and they fit over mine, with a sweatshirt too.. or a thin coat or cardigan.

    The GH Work... takes a little more use with effort to have fit over the shoulder.. but I noticed that I had a hard time keeping the handles on.

    The GH Brief, I've only tried on at NM. I found that the RH Brief handles stayed on better than the GH. But, the GH Brief... has a lovely sag once its broken in.. and the handle space will probably give more once its broken in.

    The RTT... I've only seen IRL.. but never tried on.. and I by the looks of it.. it has ample room for shoulders. It's a pretty large bag.

    G:huh:D luck gals~!!!