Handle query on TMA

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  1. Hi wonder if anyopne can help - i received my sale TMA in taupe today and whilst i love the colour and size of the bag, and the lightness of it i have one quibble - i didn't realise that there are linked metal rings (poss 2 or 3)which you attach the padded shoulder strap to. these aren't really shown on the website too clearly on the overhead shot, so I assumed the metal ring would be the same as TME and removable. however they aren't and it would be fine when the bag is carried with padded shoulder strap but when i tried the bag just with the usual straps the rings jangled and hung down a bit - i'm wondering if this is going to bug me? does anyone else have an opinion on this? sorry to sound picky.....
  2. Hi, Prada! I hope you like everything else about it! The TMA is a great style and the taupe leather looks so lovely! Anyway, for me, I never seemed to notice the rings when I carried it and actually liked the jingling sounds that it occasionally made. Can you tuck them into the bag rather than allowing them to hang on the outside of the bag? Does that help?
  3. I think on the TMA Midi I just received in the rings that were attached to the bag (for the shoulder strap) are all removable? Or maybe just the 2nd set were? You should be able to at least detach the second set of rings because they would need to be moveable in order for them to attach them to the first set of rings. And just one set of tings shouldn't make any noise (I actually like to keep the single set of rings on the bag even if I'm not using my shoulder straps, just for that extra "bling").

    I'll have to check mine again when I get home, but I THINK that's how mine is.

  4. thanks for the relp, i actually love the bag and am surprised how lightweight it is and not bulky at all; i did tuck therings into the bag but they still jangled! maybe when i get it outside and it has all my stuff in i won't notice!
  5. thanks i'll check again, maybe i missed something....
  6. Well, my TMAs ring-ling -a- dings a lot!
    I got used to it now, but I do admit, when I bespoke my Light purple TMA, the rings became detachable.
  7. I love bags that rattle and jingle... i feel they are talking to me as i walk along or drive... it may sound silly, but hearing my nikkis or my Dior gaucho rattle in the car makes me really, really happy... I know i have a lovely bag without even having to stare at her ....
  8. I agree with maria...my old tan TMA jangled all during my vacation recently and I love that and wouldn't change it one bit.

    I hope it works out for you. The TMA is a beauty, and I am seriously considering another one. (If I could just decide between cream and beige taupe)
  9. Prada, I don't have a TMA so I am no help but would you mind posting photos?
    I am like you and get bothered by jingling/jangling on my bags so i usually take my BE tags off, but I find that one ring on each side for detachable straps makes no noise.
    If all your rings are fixed then maybe the only way to keep them quiet is to keep the shoulder strap attached even when using the hand straps?

    Though I probably should not be giving advise at all since I am just visualizing here :blush: Or if you are desperate, I guess you can always get one of the rings cut off...
    Please let us know how it works out. The TMA is one style I am curious about.
  10. thanks for this, sorry photos are not brilliant, it was diff to photograph the rings as it is quite dark today so my flash kept coming on! hope this helps to explain... i will have a think during today... i don't really want to remove them myself as though i love them as a decorative feature when used with the shoulder strap i don't want really them there all the time, if that makes sense... i don't really want to return the bag for a refund ebcause of this as i love evrtything else about it and it was a good sale price...

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  11. I had another bag (older version LM) with the 3 rings and went to a hardware store and had the top ones cut. I then replaced them with detachable rings. On other bags, I've kept the rings. I think if I ever do a custom TMA I would ask for the top rings to be detachable.
  12. I just had to quickly update ... my TMA Midi DOESN'T have removeable rings. I thought it had, but it doesn't. I like to keep the strap on it (which cuts down on the jingle), BUT I've realized the strap doesn't stay on my shoulder very well, so I may end up ordering a more narrow one!

    I like the idea of ordering detachable rings ... just for the first ring, then you could take off the other two if you wanted to.
  13. I love the extra jingle, but it's not for everyone.

    Take your bag to the cobbler and have them cut. Simple. Done.
  14. I'd do the same as citychris, just request a couple of removeable rings and replace the ones on there now with those. I'm thinking of a matte chocolate tma midi so will request the removeable rings too so I have the option of removing them if I want. I also will request the narrow shoulder strap on BEC rather than the wider one as it doesn't stay on my shoudler either!
  15. thanks for all the suggestions, am still pondering what's best to do - as well maybe i need to suggest to Jackie that the picture/description on the BE website is updated, as the multiple rings aren't visible in that either, and it seems silly us having to modify the bag ourselves, or getting something we weren't bargaining for? It seems people are split between liking them or not, so maybe we can suggest they are removable in future so peopel have the option?