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  1. I have a black Jillian I have used pretty heavily over the past year and a half. The handbag itself still looks great, but the edges of the handles show white in areas where some kind of material (plastic?) on the cut edge of the leather straps has worn away. Does anyone know if this can be repaired? Thanks!
  2. I can't really picture what you mean. I know Kooba doesn't do repairs so a local leather repair would be your only option I would think. Is it a sealant that has worn away? Maybe it can be resealed. Not sure.
  3. Can you post a picture?
  4. I'm not at home right now - should be able to post a photo by Monday or Tuesday. I think it must be sealant. It's the edge where the leather was cut to make the strap. Has some kind of coating on it that has cracked and flaked away at the top of the handles, where the handles bend the most.
  5. Definitely sounds like sealant. Like Lexie suggested, you local leather/shoe repair shop will be able to remove what's remaining and reseal it for you.
  6. This same cracking peeling seems to be evident on several bags from a particular Kooba era: Adas, Jillians, and Paiges. The girls are spot on - about the only thing you can do is take it to a professional.

    Please keep us updated on the results if you decide to do so! :smile:
  7. The sealant even cracks on Prada's after a certain amount of use. I think a leather person could fix it up. You could call Kooba.....But surely I jest...LOLOL
  8. Sounds like sealant to me too. Definitely a job for a professional. The best repair place I've found is Shoe Wiz in San Francisco. Another member put me on to them when I had a Gryson that needed all it's rivets replaced. They did a fabulous job. I've since sent them two Kooba Marcell bags to repair broken laces on the side pockets. They always do a fabulous job. They only charged me $20 to replace all the rivets in that Gryson and you'd never know it had been done. I just call on the phone to explain the problem and then UPS them the bag with a prepaid UPS label so they can return it. They call me when they get the bag to give me a price and I provide charge information. I don't trust anyone around here to work on my bags. Sad, but true. It's the Shoe Wiz location in Embarcadero.
  9. Thanks for all your help, ladies! I'm sorry I didn't post a photo - went out of town with extended family and forgot to do it!! I live in a small town, but we have a decent shoe repair shop that may be able to do the repair. I'll find out!!
  10. Hi: Whatever happened with this? Were you able to have the edges resealed or fixed?