Handle on new Birkin bends towards one side

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  1. I am looking at a new birkin from a reseller. It is a chèvre B25 from 2019. I have not been offered a SO from my store and don't think that is likely, and found one from a reseller I trust, I want a chèvre bag. The only thing I am concerned about is that the handle seems to bend towards one side. Is this a flaw or can it right itself with use? I am not happy with the way it currently looks but would potentially purchase the bag if this can be remedied. I do not own any chèvre bags so not sure how the leather behaves. I would appreciate any input or recommendations. Thanks so much.
  2. Photo? I only have one chèvre B but the handles stand up straight.
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  3. I have 4 SO Chèvre Birkins in size 30 and none of the handles are bent. 25 should be even less likely. I would pass if I were OP.
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  4. Would you post a picture?
  5. Thanks for your opinions. I am not sure I feel comfortable posting a photo as it identifies the reseller and difficult to unidentify as it is in a store and I don't want to create ill will, as this reseller has been very gracious to me in the past. It sounds like I should pass on the bag anyway since I have reservations.