Handle Glaze Color Transfer

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  1. Hi guys!

    I have this old Kate Spade bag. It's bright yellow. I took it out to use it and noticed that the red glazing on the handles kind of melted and stuck to the bag body. I used white eraser and rubbed most off but was wondering if there is something else I can do to prevent it from happening again?

    Here is the bag:


    And here are the handle backs so you can see the dark red glaze:


    And here is the bag body that is stained red (check in front of where my nails point). It was very bad before I took a white eraser to town on it. It's better now and negligible but I'm worried it will happen again and be harder to save:

  2. Close up of remaining stain under brighter light:


    There is a lot of glazing in the bag (top handles, shoulder strap, even the tassel in the front zip is held together by thick red glaze). What can I do? Should I paint clear nail polish over the glaze to seal it or is that silly?
  3. DEAR MOD OR ADMIN -- I don't know how to get any of your attention but perhaps this can be moved to the Handbag Care and Maintenance thread??? Maybe someone there can help me? Do I simply re-post this on there? I have been waiting for someone to chime in here on the KS forum but no luck. I would like some tips on how to address this melting glaze issue. Thanks!
  4. Hi!
    You can report your post in the future to get our attention :smile:

    I'll move it for you since we don't allow duplicate threads.

    Good luck! :welcome:
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