Handle Dramas - Can anyone from Sydney advise me.

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  1. Waaaaggghhh :tdown:
    The handle on my Anouska broke today.
    I was bringing the children home from swimming and as I walked out of the garage I felt it slip off my shoulder.
    The stitching on the folded over piece of leather has just vanished. There is one tiny spot of glue there.
    I bought it from Sacocche and I really don't feel like going through the drama of returning it so I was thinking I can just get the handle stitched (and maybe glued under the stitching as well).
    Can anyone in Sydney recommend someone who will take care of my baby?

    I'm so off Chloe now. She's only a couple of moths old and I don't carry much in my bags.
  2. OMG.. what the is going on w/ the 08 bags??????????? :wtf:
    Heli handles, bay handles, now anoushla handles... WHAT IS THE DEAL?
    CQ seems to have gone to hell....
    Take PHOTOS and take it back to the store you bought it from ASAP.
  3. hi there - I would report the problem to where you purchased it - and see if they can do a replacement or repair.

    If not - I think there is a reputable shoe repair place in The Strand Arcade - if I remember correctly...
  4. Oh, so sorry that this happened to you! :sad:

    I agree with it not being easy to return either, which is a shame. I know of a great place in Brisbane that were recommended by Jean Brown as Chloe repairer (they fixed my Bleu Nuit), but they don't seem to be in Sydney.

    I'll do a little more research and get back to you on this :yes:
  5. Wow, hard to find places in Sydney! I've only been there once so I don't know much, I hope that these possibilities help!

    First - there's a thread on the vogue Australia forums about someone who repaired their Chloe boots at a Sydney store called Brices: http://forums.vogue.com.au/showpost.php?p=4836340&postcount=34

    Might be worth checking out?

    The rest are just places it might be helpful to call - they can point you in the right direction. I spoke to a Chloe stockist in Brisbane, and they helped me find the place to repair my Bleu Nuit.

    Belinda are a Chloe stockist and their head office is in Sydney. Call 02 9380 8725, or you can email them here: http://www.belinda.com.au/#contact

    In my experience, David Jones are not very helpful, but you might find a helpful S.A in the handbag section who knows their stuff?

    I also have the number for the Hong Kong Chloe boutique, they might be able to help? Long shot though! I have the phone number if you want it, PM me.

    Also, last possible helpful number - Blue Spinach in Sydney consign Chloe bags. They may know a great repairer to fix up the bags? http://www.bluespinach.com.au/ and phone 02 9331 2904.

    Good Luck! :tup:
  6. qwerty, thanks so much for taking the time to find all that.
    I'll give belinda a call in the morning and see if they can help.
  7. No worries! :tup:

    I'm just curious to find out more about Chloe stockists in Australia in general, so thought I'd see what I could find in Sydney. Do let us know how you get on, hopefully someone at Belinda can help recommend a good place :heart:
  8. Sorry to hear about your handle, with all these reports, it sounds like there is a definite problem, either someone is slipping in quality control, or someone is slipping substandard or fake merchandise.
  9. dachlostar, what unfortunate news about the broken handle on your Anouska ~ I'm so sorry this happened to you! I surely don't blame you about not wanting to deal with the drama of returning ~ hopefully something good will come from the generous leads qwerty234 provided. Good luck in getting it repaired and please do let us know how you get on.
  10. This is really sad, I'm so sorry this has happened to you! Chloe needs to send their designs to someone who has more sense about designing a sturdy bag!