Handle covers to preserve vachetta.......

  1. Has anyone seen these on eBay? I want to know what you all think about these or if anyone has any experience with them. Thanks
  2. :nogood:
  3. Hmmm? It could work, but then what about the rest of the vachetta? It all turns patina over time.
  4. Hahaha .... this is kind of cute. I wonder who comes up with these ideas. It doesn't seem like a bad idea to keep dirt off the handles.
  5. mmm...i agree...the rest of the vachetta will darken

    i dunno..my personal opinion is that...when u sweat on the handle cover...the wetness will be there...n it might make the leather prone to having moulds instead right?

    personally i won't buy that...it ..erm...cheapens the look...i would rather have a LV bandeau n prob hold the end of the bandeau on the vachetta to prevent it being dirty instead....
  6. It's cute.. but it's not at the same time lol..
  7. That's adorable, although I think a striped one in bright colors would be adorable... like a little winter scarf for your bag.
  8. :shocked: eh...i'm not too keen on having two different tones of patina...

    "that ain't right!"
  9. Looks aweful to me.. No thanks..
  10. very ugly..
  11. It looks like the owner is scared of getting her handles dirty, and every time she carries the bag she's going to remind herself she's scared of getting it dirty. I mean ... what's the point of having a great bag if you can't just use it and enjoy it the way it was made? It just looks too obsessive and/or paranoid to me.
  12. :tdown::nogood:
  13. I think, it looks funny (and wierd). :push:
  14. Haha, I think it looks like a little winter coat for your handles
    But i would never use those as cute as they are
    It makes it look very cheap to me