Handle colour on Speedy

  1. I was at LV today and I looked at the Speedy 25 and noticed that it had a light coloured handle...beige type colour. On the streets I see girls with a darker colour..like brown. I'm guessing they changed it..I prefer the darker!

    I forgot to ask them but does anyone here know if they still sell the Speedy with the darker handles?
  2. nope, they didn't change anything :shame:

    It's called Patina: the light vachetta gets darker with use and exposure to sunlight

    All the speedies you see with very light, "milky" handles will get that honey-brown color eventually :yes:
  3. I like the darker handles as well.
  4. ohhhh ok thanks!! The bag is so nice still..hehe
  5. LV doesnt sell the bags w/ darker handles.. they turn that way over time :p
  6. the new ones have a light color. most of the fakes do not acquire the patina - that's one way to know from a block away if the bag's a fake. of course, it would be difficult to know if the bag is still new....
  7. Ohhhh..thanks guys! Hopefully I can get one soon :drool:
  8. But I hate dark vachetta.
  9. thats interesting, so r u saying that all lv speedys come in the lightwe shade and then turn dark? mine is passed down from my mum-not sure of what colour it was when fiest bought, but its def a darker colour now compared to the pale beige colours.someone let me know.
  10. ^ what would you like to know?

    yes, all authentic (even quality reps) will patina to honey and can get as dark as BLACK
  11. lol.. i just went to look at my vintage lv carrier luggage bag... been around for almost 20 years!! and its almost black!!!! lol