Handle Color

  1. I couldn't find anything on this topic in the FAQ's, but I just got my Speedy 30 (!!!) today and was wondering when I could expect to see the handles begin to darken. Even though I love my bag, I'm not a huge fan of the beginning color. Also, I'm new (great new job = extra income to support the bag habit) , so be nice with respect to my naivete ;).
  2. its called patina and it depends on how often you use the bag as o how soon it will darken. try doing a search on patina. there have been loads of threads.
  3. if you want it to dark faster, leave it in direct sun light.
  4. Hi LV newbie...
    Congrats on your speedy.
    Just use it, use it, USE IT !!
    and I promise, it will darken to a lovely honey color patina....
  5. use damp cloth to wipe the handle at the end of the day...it will darken the handle color very easy...
  6. I have had my speedy for about a month now, and the handles have already darkened a little. I use it almost everyday, except for the 10 days it rained in a row. From what the TPF experts have said, just use and care (keeping it away from water and rain, not using lotion or hand sanitizer right before touching your bag) will lead to a nice, natural looking patina.

    And the consensus seems to be non-alcohol baby wipes to clean the handles and vachetta if you see any dirt.

    Enjoy your new baby!
  7. It will happen soon. Especially if you use it! Many people put their new bags in a sunny window, turning the bag everyday to make the patina even.
  8. after using my mono 25 for about 2 mths, i have already begun to see a slight darkening of the handles. in fact, i tied a scarf around the part of the handle that is attached to the bag itself, and since that small piece of diamond-shaped leather was kept from exposure IT still has the new leather look to it...i can actually see the difference!