Handhelds for all occasions?

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  1. I was just wondering whether any of you with handhelds such as speedies etc... use them at occassions such as concerts or night outs? Basically, anything other than a day of shopping :p I was wondering because whenever such an occassion arises I'm unsure whether to use my Speedy or not...

    What are you opinions on handhelds for all different occassions? :smile:
  2. I definitely use mine all the time, day or night. I probably wouldn't want to take it to a concert though because I'd want something I'd be able to put on my shoulder and keep closer to myself with all the people there and all.

  3. I agree.! The only reason I'm asking is because my speedy is my only LV bag right now and it always seems a shame I can't use it for certain things ..escpicially if it will be cumbersome i.e night out lol:push:
  4. I use my speedy for almost EVERYTHING :yahoo:

  5. haha! Does it ever get annoying? Or do you forget about it because you like it so much? :p

    EDIT: Which speedy is it, may I ask?
  6. Lol well that gives you an excuse to get a new bag. :graucho:
  7. haha tell me about it... I'm hoping to save up at same point and get something like the Recital or Pochette. I only earn £100 a month through pocket money and unable to get a job atm! So I'll just have to wait :p

    edit: just realised I could use my fiance's overdraft like I did with my speedy! hahaha I win! lol. There's nothing fun about saving properly is there?
  8. I totally advise you to get a pochette. My only LV bags(right now) are the mono speedy 30 and mono pochette. Therefore i have a larger bag for shopping n lugging things around with and my pochette for nights out etc.

  9. I think I may do that.. I need to now hurry up and pay back my loan for the Speedy to get it! I'm excited already for some reason. :nuts:
  10. The Speedy, Manhattan PM or GM, and Pochette Accessories can be used for all occasions.
  11. Ha! Any ideas what kind of pochette you would be wanting?
    Luckily its one of the cheaper LV bags!
  12. what about the trouville? i do recommend the pochette though. it comes in real handy at times.
  13. I usually use a handheld. If I'm going somewhere where it would be hard to hold I usually use a mini pochette.
  14. I think it depends on the formality of the occasion... a night out for dinner with your fiance, a movie, a casual music concert - go for it!!! But, and this is just mho, a more formal occasion like a wedding, night out at the theater, black tie event - I would either carry a pochette, or a more dressy/formal bag, as I don't think many handhelds, such as Speedys, are very dressy. Again, just my opinion!! ;)
  15. I love speedies, and in an ideal world (that is, if I can get a job soon), I'll have speedies in all sizes (25 for evening use, 30 for everyday use and 35 for travel) for special uses. However, sometimes, it's really nice not having to hold anything, like for example while going clubbing. Therefore, I really love the pochette florentine used with a belt (I remember seing it on another tPFer in one of the other threads, do a search - it looks brilliant and very chic) and will definitely buy it when I start going out more.